What we charge & terms and conditions of hire

We hope that you might consider Portbury Village Hall when looking for somewhere to host your club or event.



  Main Hall - 9.00am till 6.00pm      £14.00 per hour                    

                  6.00pm till midnight   £16.00 per hour  

  Maximum Occupancy for the Main Hall is 100 - (80 seated, 20 standing)

  the cost does not include fees for providing bar staff

 Club Room  9.00am till 6.00pm      £14.00 per hour

                 6.00pm till midnight   £16.00 per hour  

 Maximum Occupancy for the Club Room/Skittle Alley is 50 

 the cost does not include fees for providing bar staff

 minimum chage per booking £30.00

25% discount for members after 6 months of joining


Please remember that whilst every effort is made to accommodate your event, our Village Hall is run entirely by Volunteers.



1. Bookings will only be accepted at the discretion of the Village Hall Committee.

2. Hirers are expected to vacate the booked area/s promptly at the end of the hired session.

All events must finish by 12.00 midnight.

3. Persons, groups or organisations wishing to hire the Hall’s facilities must nominate an individual over 21 years old who must be present at the function or activity.

4. Where the function or activity is intended primarily for juniors (under 18 years) there must be one adult to every 12 juniors in attendance to supervise the group.

5. A damage deposit (refundable) may be required for bookings.

6. The Hall can accept no liability for the loss of or damage to clothing or any other personal property left unattended in the building or car park.

7. The Hall’s Public Liability insurance provides cover ONLY against incidents arising from acts or omissions of the Hall. Hirers should, in their own interests consider whether additional insurance cover is necessary.

8. The Committee reserves the right to cancel a hiring in certain circumstances (e.g. essential maintenance, Hall required as a Polling Station).

9. If the hirer cancels a booking before the date of the event, payment of any fee due shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

10. Bookings may be accepted by telephone.  All new hirers are expected to view the premises prior to booking and will be required to complete and sign the Booking Form.

11. Payment in advance is required for one-off bookings.

12. We are unable to host 18th or 21st birthday celebration parties.



1. Be responsible for supervision and care of the premises and contents, and the behaviour of all persons using the Hall during the period of hire.

2. Report any damage to the Bookings Secretary immediately.

3. Supervise car parking arrangements to permit free access for emergency vehicles, fire exits and neighbouring properties.

4. Ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law.

5. If preparing, serving or selling food observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation.

6. Ensure that the minimum of noise is made during arrival and departure from the premises and show appropriate respect to neighbours of the hall.

7. Ensure that no dogs, except guide dogs are brought into the premises.

8. NOT allow smoking in any part of the building.

9. NOT use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement

10. Sub-letting of the premises is not permitted.

11. NOT drink or sell their own alcohol on the premises.



The Maximum number of persons permitted in each area is:

Main Hall and bar area without chairs: 100 persons

Main Hall with trestle tables and chairs 80 persons

Social Club Bar and Skittle Alley 50 persons

No decorations, draperies, scenery or other material liable to cause a fire hazard

may be brought onto the premises without the consent of the Committee.



These are located at:

Main Hall – side entrance

Main Hall – front entrance

Club Room – Skittle Alley

Kitchen – Side Door

Access to all fire exits must be kept clear at all times (inside and outside)

Fire extinguishers are situated as follows:-

Main Hall by front doors

Hall way by kitchen

Social Club Bar

Skittle Alley

Water extinguishers for wood, paper and textile fires.

Kitchen: powder extinguisher for electrical and other fires



Ensure that the Fire Exits are not obstructed, including the double doors between the Main Hall and the High Street and at the end of the skittle alley.

Do NOT prop or wedge open any of the fire doors.

If a fire occurs:

Inform the Fire Brigade using a mobile phone

Raise the alarm if necessary and evacuate the Hall.

Ensure that all members of your group congregate away from the hall and inform neighbours.

Only use a fire extinguisher if safe to do so and you are confident that the extinguisher is the right type for the particular fire.

First Aid Box - located in the kitchen.

All equipment brought in for use in the Hall must be safe and used in a safe manner.